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Colliso Puzzles
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You can play Colliso Puzzles here for free using any web browser with the Flash Player plugin installed (version 9+ required).

To start playing, please enter your chosen nickname at the top of this page and click on the Play! button. No password or registration is required - the nickname is for your own reference (leaderboards) only.


How To Play
In Colliso Puzzles, you need to slide tiles into the correct positions.

To move a tile, first select the tile by clicking on it and hold down the mouse button. Then move the mouse in the direction you want the tile to move. Once you release the mouse button, the tile will slide towards the direction you have specified (the arrow shown indicates the direction).

If the tile collides directly with another like tile at the end of the move, both tiles will be removed. Note that a collision must occur, which means that just having two like tiles side-by-side will not remove them.

how to play

If two different tiles collide, they will swap colors. Obviously, this will not have any effect if the tiles are of the same color. In later levels, the tiles can be of black, white or red colors.

color swap

To solve a level, you must remove all the tiles from the board.

If you solve a puzzle within an indicated number of moves, you will unlock a bonus + level. In this bonus level, you will solve the same puzzle four times consecutively. However, the level will be somewhat different each time - the level can be flipped horizontally, vertically or both ways. Just when you think you have solved a level, having the level flipped will disorient and twist your mind!

Try to solve all the puzzles in as few moves as possible and achieve 100% completion!